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RMS: 1000 Watts Series bass
Glass fiber and paper cone with colth surround
High blue gloss colour Die steel basket with paper gasket
1-Layer CONEX material spider
Black zinc chroma

Size:    10 inch
Basket type:    Die cast
Nominal impedance:    8  Zn(Ω)
DC resistance:    7.2  Rdc(Ω)
Resonance frequency:    58  Fo(Hz)
Rated power(music):     1200  Watts  
Sound pressure level:    98  SPL(dB)
Mechanical Q factor:  5.6 Qms
Electrical Q factor:  0.23 Qes
Total Q factor:  0.22 Qts
Total moving mass:  38 Mms(g)
Effective piston area:  54.25  Sd(sqM)
Equivalent air volume:  33.4 Vas(L)
Voice coil diameter:    65.5 mm
Voice coil former:    BACCW
Voice coil layers:    2.5
Winding height:  24.3 mm
Linear excursion:  6.5 Xmax
Force factor:  23.6  BL(Tm)
Magnet diameter:   180 mm
Magnet weight:   85×1 Oz
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